Deschutes Children’s Foundation

It is truly an honor to be chosen as the feature artist of the Deschutes Children’s Foundation annual Art and Wine Event.  The painting was a labor of love to help raise awareness and funds for children and families in need in Central Oregon.  My painting “Terrazzo Tuscano” is also on the cover of the Cascade A&E, our local arts magazine.  here is a link to the story:  It will probably work until the end of April 2014.  Thank you to Renee Patrick for a thoughtful article, I really appreciate it.  The colors aren’t true to the painting, hope you get to see it – or better yet, take it home.

A&E Magazine Cover

A Place of Safety and Happiness

Honored to have my painting “Terrazzo Tuscano as the featured art at the Deschutes Children’s Foundation Art & Wine Auction supporting programs for children and families in Central Oregon.  The painting reminded me how I’ve always wanted to live on a hill, safe from the floods of my childhood hometown and with a view of what might be coming.  Since I’ve been married, we always lived on a hill; in California, Washington and Oregon.  This scene is in Pienza, one of my favorite locations in Tuscany.
CBriggsTerrazzo Toscano

Eternal Perspective

A painting is a form of prayer for me.  It is like meditation.  When I am alone, and focused on my subject I become so in tuned with it that time does not exist.  This painting of the temple is very special to me because I’ve wanted to paint it for a long time, it has been waiting in a long line of paintings awaiting their turn.  Our daughter, Kelsey, now “Sister Briggs” is serving a mission at Temple Square.  She asked me to paint it for the Mission President.  So of course I promoted it to 1st in line and painted it for her.  I have to admit, I did not paint it alone, I had a lot of help from above.  The painting with it’s unfinished edge and drips of paint at the bottom symbolizes the process from baptism to entering the temple to eternal progression. Besides being a beautiful work of architecture,  the temple is a very special, sacred place and very meaningful to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We go there to learn and grow as we are each unfinished,  imperfect, and doing our best to always look upwards.

I made prints and gave one to the Mission President, plus thought why not give copies to all the 200+ sisters serving at Temple Square.  Then, all my family and many friends who would appreciate the temple painting in their homes.  From there my painting “Eternal Perspective” has been shared with over 1000 people in different forms.  I’m happy to share it here, as it’s given me a lot of happiness.  If you would like your own copy visit my prints page.  Or email me for a specific use.

The best part of this story was having Sister Ordonias from Honduras, visiting from Temple Square, serving here in Bend, bring me Thank You notes from many of the Sisters and the SLC Temple President.  It really touched my heart to hear from so many about my one simple painting.

SLC Temple 90 dpi_edited-1

Mt. Bachelor Christmas

Mt. Bachelor ChristmasI’m excited to be sending my Holiday Newsletter out in the next day or so.  If you want a copy be sure to sign up on my newsletter page.  My new classes at the Art Station, Gallery Shows, Venice Trip and more is included, along with a free “Musical Winter Watercolor Collage” .pdf lesson to print out.

This is what it looks like outside my window…pretty hard to beat during Christmas.

Have a Merry & Bright Holiday!

Rocks & Vines

 My new painting from my Smith Rock Series for the Arts Central Oregon B&W Annual Fundraiser.  Call 541. 633.7242 for information.

“Rocks & Vines” Watercolor
is from a visit to Ranch of The Canyons near Smith Rock.  The Vineyard produces grapes and was quite a surprise to me.  I feel like I’m in Italy, but Smith Rock strongly reminds me I am in Central Oregon.


When Life Gives You Lemons…

I am so pleased to be selected as the poster artist for the 16th Kitchen Kaleidoscope here in Bend.  This is part of what I wrote for the program:“When life gives you lemons, paint them!  La Vita Abbondante celebrates ‘the abundant life’ we all share living in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  While we all face many challenges we are enriched with abundance here in Bend—plentiful sunshine, stunning Cascade views, the brilliant colors of summer, the internationally inspired archetecture and foods, and a wonderful big-hearted community.  The Assistance League of Bend generously makes a difference and I have been personally blessed by their HATS HATS HATS program at the St. Charles Hospital Cancer Center.  Thank you for featuring my painting this year.”


It was wonderful to be invited to speak at the 20th Anniversary Assistance League of Bend Luncheon this week.  I shared my experience with the Hats, Hats, Hats! program during my treatments.


   It snowed yesterday, and it’s snowing today.
That’s one thing you can count on in Bend, Oregon is that it most likely will snow after you plant your flowers and after you take your studs off your tires.
But we forget, the sunshine makes us forget.  It’s been so beautiful outside that we didn’t even consider the snow returning.
Here is a pansie painted last week in my spring flowers workshop.
I know the pansies are okay because they are safe on my front porch, but the daffodils are risking it all outside.
I admit I love the snow, but I’m ready for spring flowers, sunshine and painting outside.

Setting Goals for a Gallery

photocrati galleryTheresa’s Gallery & Studio
Not that long ago I remember Theresa looking for a gallery and studio space.  She wanted to separate her home life from her artist life to work more efficiently.  I wondered how she would make it happen.  Knowing Theresa, with determination she would find a way. First she was in a shared studio space.  Now she has her own Gallery/Studio on Mercer Island.  I was fortunate enough to be in her inagural show.  Here are a few images.  No doubt big things are ahead for her.  Her classes and days are filling up.  Can’t wait to see what she does next.

The Travel Creatively Journal

I used to feel that every painting I did had to end up in a frame.  A few years ago I started adding an art journal to my supplies when I traveled and found painting in the journal gave me freedom.  Freedom to paint just for me.  Instead of coming home with scraps of paper, odd sketches, notes and paintings, I now have a journal of my journey.   Yes, I still paint for my shows, but I also take advantage of time here and there to paint in my journal.  These journals become treasures, notes to refer to for larger studio paintings.  I love taking them to my shows and workshops for people to look through, and enjoy watching the process.  I also glue in tickets, business cards, postcards and my itinerary so that I have a quick reference for my trip.  The journal is an evolving project, it doesn’t have to be completed on your trip, you can add to it when you get home.

This image includes journals that Theresa Goesling and I have created over the past few years with our “Make Every Day A Painting” tours.  We set up this display for the February NorthWest Watercolor Society (NWWS) meeting where we demonstrated how to use white, black or buff “Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground” on our journal covers.   If you would like a copy of the instructions on how to use Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground it is available in our book “Make Every Day A Painting”.  Visit to purchase.  Sign up for the Quarterly Cindy Briggs Newsletter and Monthly Make Every Day A Painting Newsletter and I’ll send you a pdf copy with instructions on how to use Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground on your journal cover.  (Click on Newsletter Link above)

Add to or create your own travel journal with Theresa Goesling and I, this May 25-June 1st on our Make Every Day A Painting Travel Creatively Cruise.  See information on my Cruise page or call me today for details at 541-420-9463.  I’m also offering an all day Travel Creatively workshop in Bend, Oregon, June 14 at the Art Station. Visit  You can bring a project to start or finish.

Life is Colorful Again.

After Theresa Goesling and I asked Daniel Smith to produce their own brand of “Neutral Tint” they sent us each  a sample to work with.  “Burano Watercolors” was painted using Neutral tint to turn down the brightness of the colors in the water.  It looks like black but it’s actually a great mixer and will double your palette.  I am really enjoying exploring color like never before.  Theresa and I will be demonstrating Neutral Tint at the Seattle Daniel Smith Store on March 2.  Life is colorful again after a really challenging 2012, watch for more paintings of colorful Burano, Italy and Salvadore, Brazil and…. 

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