Supply List

Create your own Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling Travel & Journal Set
We suggest everything you need for your easy to go and paint experience.  Great for travels and for the studio.
13 Tubes of paint – all you really need for any workshop in the studio and on location
A perfect palette for all uses with 5 more spaces to fill with colors of your choice.
Pencil, Pen, 2 awesome brushes, a waterbucket, kneaded eraser, and a vinyl bag for quick packing.
You can also use  Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground as a base for your own artful  journal cover design.

This is a sample of all you need for a trip or most workshops.

Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling Daniel Smith Watercolor Travel and Journal Set

Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling Daniel Smith Watercolor Travel and Journal Set

Order Paint and Daniel Smith Product Supplies Online at www.Daniel or check out “Art Supplies via Amazon” in my Shop section.
Many of our supplies are available in the store and at alternative locations., Cheap Joes, etc.  We are working on an easier way to order your supplies online as Daniel Smith has changed its website offerings.
Bend, Oregon has limited supplies.  Try COCC, Hobby Lobby or Michaels only if you are desperate.

You can always use supplies you already have.  Our favorite and highly recommended items are in bold.  Just be sure to have professional quality paper, paint, a good brush, pencil and kneaded eraser.  We share the list of tools we use to help you decide what you might add to your artists’ toolkit.    

  • TRAVEL JOURNALS FOR JOURNAL & TRAVELING WORKSHOPS:  We suggest a Watercolor Journal with Arches or Fabriano with 140lb cold press paper (size such as 7×10 or 10×14)  Pick a size that feels right for you.
  • PAPER FOR STUDIO & TRAVELING WORKSHOPS:  For single sheet painting we like 140 lb Fabriano Extra White Cold Press Block (purple cover) or minimum 1/4-1/2  sheet of 22×30 300lb or 140 lb Fabriano Soft Press per day, clip or tape to gator board. Bring a few pieces of scrap paper to practice mixing colors. 140 lb to 300lb  Arches Cold Press is also fine.  You deserve a professional quality paper, student grade papers make it harder to paint.
  • FLAT BRUSH 1/2“ or 3/4” Flat
  • OUR FAVORITE ALL PURPOSE ROUND BRUSH: Dynasty Black Gold Quill Brush 311 size 4 (Sometimes on Amazon or
  • 18 WELL PALETTE – (in kit) Heritage Artist Palette 18 color wells
  • 33 WELL PALETTE – (our larger Master’s Palette) MUD Mijello Bullet Proof Glass Palette 33 Wells
  • Water Bucket, Paper Towels, Mechanical Pencil .7 Kneaded Eraser
  • Masque pen by Chiddas & Rubber Cement Pick-up
  • Faber Castell Water-fast Artist Pen(s), Black and/or Sienna fine pt. plus
  • Glue Stick Acid Free – to glue items into your journal.
  • Paper for notes & value sketches, 1 sheet tracing paper
  • Aquarellable Pencil by Stabillo DS#146 070 006 (great for quick value studies)
  • Color Wheel (DS—the Color Wheel Company) Great for helping you plan your color strategy.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser—no soap version available at grocery stores.
  • Easel & Stool for Plein Air Workshops  (optional— you will often easily find a café table, or bench or ledge to sit on and paint on your lap.  We sometimes use the en Plein Air Pro at (
  • Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground for decorated cover base—easiest to design & paint before or after trip, then varnish.  Link here for step by step directions.  The Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground is also helpful for corrections. Use a foam brush to apply.  Lightly sand.  Varnish with Golden’s Archival Satin Varnish after you have completed your painted or collage design.
    Bring your palette as is and add colors as you see fit. Many of our Daniel Smith colors are standard to most workshops and have different hue names by other makers such as Winsor Newton or Holbein.
    Our Easy Travel & Jounal Kit:  Colors Included in the kit are in bold, colors are listed in the order we recommend placing in your palette.
    Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Quinacridone Gold, Yellow Ochre, Italian Burnt Sienna, Pyrrol Orange, Cadmium Red Scarlet Hue, Quinacridone Rose, Imperial Purple, French Ultra Marine, Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Magnesium Blue Hue, Cobalt Teal Blue. Diopside Green, Green Apatite Genuine, Rich Green Gold, Neutral Tint.
  • Extra Fun to Have Very Optional Palette Colors:  Select Daniel Smith Watercolors we may have in our 33 well bullet proof palette.   Venetian Red, Lunar Earth, Cobalt Turquoise, Permanent Brown, Titanium Buff, Rose of Ultramarine, Manganese Violet, Malachite Genuine, Phthalo Yellow Green, Cadmium Yellow Medium/Light, Cobalt Violet, Permanent Brown, Quinacridone Coral, Permanent Magenta, Sepia, Cadmium Orange, Lilac & Lavender


 – Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling