These are a few of my favorite things you can purchase through Amazon and have your items delivered.
As you select an item it will go into your Amazon Cart in a separate page.
Just go back into my page – still open and click on each item you want each time. You will get the hang of it.
For Brushes click here: and choose the Black Gold Quill Size 4 about $10.
As an Amazon Affiliate I thank you for shopping through my site.



300 LB Sheet Paper:

Tracing Paper:

Paint Storage Bags:

Watercolor Wheel:

Mr. Clean:



Arches Paper:


Brush Holder:


Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground:

Fabriano Paper:

Arches Watercolor Paper:


Watercolor Bucket:


Splash Book:

Sheet Paper:

Arches Watercolor Journal:

Larger Journal:

Spray Bottle:

Watercolor Pencils:

Kneaded Eraser:

Paint: Titanium White

Paint: Lunar Earth

Paint: Cad Red Scarlet

Paint: Phthalo Blue Green Shade

Paint: Diopside Green

Paint: Lemon Yellow

Paint: Burnt Sienna

Paint: Quin Rose

Paint: Maganese Blue

Paint: Green Apatite Genuine

Paint: Naples Yellow

Paint: Permanent Brown

Paint: Rose of Ultramarine

Paint: Cobalt Blue

Paint: Rich Green Gold

Paint: Quin Gold

Paint: Pyrrol Orange

Paint: French Ultra Marine

Paint: Cobalt Teal Blue

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