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A Charming Painting Experience in Park City, Utah

A Charming Painting Experience i n Park City Utah 1 © Cindy Briggs

A Charming Painting Experience in Park City, Utah

Are you looking for a charming painting experience in Park City, Utah? I always love both painting en plein air (outside on location) and at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. It’s such a beautiful place with delightful people, a wonderful atmosphere and breathtaking views. The bustling historic Main Street is charming, colorful and eclectic.  The surrounding landscape offers picturesque mountains, farmlands and natural open space, cabins, classic barns and ski lodges.

Park City Plein Air Painting

I’m usually on the calendar of workshops at the Kimball Art Center with a range of studio class options and pop-in plein air in the summer. I enjoy working there – it’s a great place to teach and meet some of the locals.

I will be scheduling a Park City Plein Air painting workshop next summer, and we’d like you to join us. Let’s paint in and around the very scenic Park City once again. It’s time to take out our watercolor sketchbook to capture all of Park City’s colors with our watercolors and brush.

Explore Park City, Utah

Of course, painting Park City is not just about painting, it’s about exploring what the town has to offer.  Discover the shops, historical landmarks, ski lodges and ski runs, world-class restaurants, and unique cafes, there’s a subject to paint around every corner.  I make sure you get step-by-step lessons and personalized attention in every workshop.  Each day is always fun and filled with surprises!

A Charming Painting Experience in Park City Utah 2 © Cindy Briggs

Park City Workshops with Cindy Briggs

In my workshops, you’ll learn more than just how to paint scenic subjects. It’s also a good chance to meet and be inspired by the other watercolorists in the group.

As a bonus, we also share about how to improve your photography and photo editing for reference photos to paint from in the studio. Theresa Goesling co-teaches with me in our Make Every Day A Painting in Park City workshops, last year we had a great time painting and exploring with our group of 14 artists.

Watch out for my Park City plein air and studio painting experiences. Look at my workshops page on my website and sign up for my newsletter for early announcements for signup information.

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