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Surrounded by the Couleours of Provence

Couleurs de Provence Surrounded by the Couleours of Provence Cindy Briggs Art

Surrounded by the Couleours of Provence

Painting and Pondering Life in Provence: Springtime in L’Isle sur la Sorgue, Provence

From the snow-covered, frozen landscape of Bend, Oregon, I have traveled to the charming and much warmer village of “L’Iles sur la Sorgue” in Provence. In this I will be sharing my experience as I discover the stillness within my heart and soul and give myself the time to write, paint, ponder and just be.

After one week of the gentle cooing of the doves, the sweetness of the church bells ringing outside my apartment, and the rhythms of the French people living all around me; I know in my heart I am meant to be here at this time and place.

I’m making every day a painting, by making the most of each day.  In a way it feels as if my heart has gone from winter into spring with new uplifiting possibilities.

Olives Symbolize Peace and Abundance Surrounded by the Couleours of Provence Cindy Briggs Art

In Provence, Be Humble and Smile a lot.

With growing appreciation for the traditions and cultures in this Provence town, the baker, the butcher, the florist, the pharmacist and more all specialize in their product.  I have learned it is best to support the L’Isle shops and get advice and purchase what is kindly recommended.  The personal attention and concern to please you is authentic.

Obviously an American visitor here, I am trying to speak with my tiny petite bits of French, smile and humbly thank everyone for their kindness.  As I ride my bicycle through town exploring the various streets, I feel like they will let me belong here for a time.  Simon and Francis in the Tourist Office across the Place de la Liberte, smile when I enter with my questions and patiently direct me to my next adventure throughout Provence.

paint and basket Surrounded by the Couleours of Provence Cindy Briggs Art

Finding my way around Provence.

I’ve waited a week to start this blog, to get my footing and “just be”.  After many complicated arrangements and life changes, I boarded the flight to Paris with no challenges and train ride to Avignon went smoothly.  Dina and Bernard kindly picked me up in Avignon to take me to my apartment Bouquet in town, just around the corner from their spacious home that was once a bed and breakfast.

I woke up the next morning to a fabulous market outside my window and have been learning my way around this week.  I know how to catch the train, ride my bike to the grocery store and where the best place is to buy bread.  I think I will thrive here with all the necessities taken care of and time to enrich my soul with this time surrounded by the Couleours of Provence.

I will be randomly sharing my stories and paintings throughout this journey, I hope you enjoy coming along.

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