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Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Get your painting supplies out and pick and choose from this list or it may inspire something new. I like to draw with a permanent marker then add some watercolors. Think of these as studies and have fun with the process. Remember that every time you paint you learn something. Here are creative watercolor painting ideas you can do this weekend:
  1. Put your art supplies in a pitcher or pretty bucket and draw and paint them.
  2. Pull some fresh vegetables or fruit out of the fridge and create a still life.
  3. How about a flower, pot of flowers or a tree in your yard.
  4. Sometimes just looking up gives you a subject – the sky changes all the time.
  5. I think drawing and painting your furniture can be fun too – how about your favorite chair?
  6. I remember in college my teacher did a beautiful painting of the stack of dishes in her sink.
  7. Do you have any photos from a trip you can paint from?
  8. A sleeping pet can be endearing to paint.
  9. Walk around your neighborhood and take pictures to paint from – my neighbors are always decorating their front porch.
  10. Paint a cupcake then enjoy eating it.
  11. How about painting a hat, or stack of hats?
  12. You can paint your palette.
If nothing else, try just throwing paint on paper, it doesn’t have to be anything recognizable. There are many paintings just waiting for you to start. Don’t overthink it, just paint and the ideas will continue to flow. So you can keep your watercolors flowing, I invite you to join my online workshops. They’re great venues for finding watercolor inspirations, learning new techniques, and connecting with other artists. And if the workshop you’re interested in isn’t available for now, just hit the subscribe button under the workshop’s name so you’d know when it will be open again. See you at the workshops! — Cindy

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