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Eternal Perspective

Eternal Perspective

Eternal Perspective

A painting is a form of prayer for me.  It is like meditation.  When I am alone, and focused on my subject I become so in tuned with it that time does not exist.  This painting of the temple is very special to me because I’ve wanted to paint it for a long time, it has been waiting in a long line of paintings awaiting their turn.  Our daughter, Kelsey, now “Sister Briggs” is serving a mission at Temple Square.  She asked me to paint it for the Mission President.  So of course I promoted it to 1st in line and painted it for her.  I have to admit, I did not paint it alone, I had a lot of help from above.  The painting with it’s unfinished edge and drips of paint at the bottom symbolizes the process from baptism to entering the temple to eternal progression. Besides being a beautiful work of architecture,  the temple is a very special, sacred place and very meaningful to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We go there to learn and grow as we are each unfinished,  imperfect, and doing our best to always look upwards.

I made prints and gave one to the Mission President, plus thought why not give copies to all the 200+ sisters serving at Temple Square.  Then, all my family and many friends who would appreciate the temple painting in their homes.  From there my painting “Eternal Perspective” has been shared with over 1000 people in different forms.  I’m happy to share it here, as it’s given me a lot of happiness.  If you would like your own copy visit my prints page.  Or email me for a specific use.

The best part of this story was having Sister Ordonias from Honduras, visiting from Temple Square, serving here in Bend, bring me Thank You notes from many of the Sisters and the SLC Temple President.  It really touched my heart to hear from so many about my one simple painting.

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