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Plein Air Workshop - French Mediterranean Villages | Lavender in Provence

Plein Air Workshop – French Mediterranean Villages

Explore the French Riviera

The Plein Air Workshop – French Mediterranean Villages is one of our favorite workshops. Theresa Goesling and I are heading to France once again to offer a very special and exclusive Plein Air Workshop. Let’s “Make Every Day A Painting” and explore some of the select, gorgeous villages of the French Riviera.

French Mediterranean Plein Air Workshop 1 © Cindy Briggs

French Escapades Tour

This is guaranteed to be a fun-filled escapade as we will be hosted by our favorite workshop organization in Europe –  French Escapades. Our tour guides carefully plan our daily itinerary so we can make the most of every moment.  They make sure everyone is taken care of, comfortable and happy in our daily journey. We’ve worked with them for years and are thoroughly impressed with the packages they’ve put together for our groups.

When can I go?

We invited everyone on our mailing lists to join our French Mediterranean – Plein Air Workshop on October 3 to 10, 2020. And it SOLD OUT in just a few weeks.  Now we have opened a second workshop October 10-17, 2020 so you can still join us if you hurry and reserve your spot.

What You’ll Learn in this Plein Air Workshop – French Mediterranean Villages

French Mediterranean Plein Air Workshop 2 © Cindy BriggsMost important, you’ll learn something about yourself, and it’s different for everyone. Theresa and I will provide all of our participants with daily painting demonstrations along with personalized instruction. We give our students loving support and encouragement to help you have an enriching, successful experience.

Specifically, we’ll show you how to select a subject, compose your design, sketch it out then add captivating watercolors. We share how to jazz up your color choices and paint with passion and serendipity. You’ll learn a lot of new painting techniques in this workshop—and enjoy an entirely different painting experience.

We’ll make sure that the charms of the French Mediterranean; medieval villages, stunning landscapes, and coastal scenery,  will provide you with a dreamy adventure. We’re so excited to explore and paint  the beautiful and inspiring countryside and quaint villages with you. We’ll all capture the moments in our sketchbooks and create treasured memories in full color and in our hearts.

Be sure to join us in France next October, 2020.