Play with Watercolors, Play with Colors for Beautiful Results

Cindy Briggs



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Play with Colors Watercolor

Play with Colors for Beautiful Results

I love using Daniel Smith watercolors in all of my sketchbook paintings because I can count on it’s variety of color selection, quality and consistency of color. Whether you are a beginner with watercolor painting or if you just enjoy trying out new colors, I suggest that you experiment and play with watercolors first so you become familiar with how they mix and mingle together.

Part of painting is becoming familiar with the colors in your pallet. Since we tend to use green a lot, I recommend you discover how to mix a range of greens so they don’t intimidate you. To start from scratch, mix some Phthalo Blue Green Shade (row 1) with each of your yellows and see what happens. Also, try combining Green Apatite Genuine (my go-to green) with each of your yellows and see what you can create (row 2). My yellows as shown in my chart are: Lemon Yellow, New Gamboge, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre and Quicacridone Gold – all Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors.

Playing with Colors Greens

Pthalo Yellow Green is a wonderful color if you want to paint Spring Greens, I often use it where I have the light hitting the green and then add a variety of greens to my subject. Don’t just use one green out of the tube, you are much better if you Mix and mingle other colors to the best effect. (3rd Row)

As I mentioned, my earthy go-to green hue is the Green Apatite Genuine. If I want my greens to be earthier or more olive, I simply add a touch of Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Rose or sometimes Burnt Sienna. To get a rich dark green, I simply add Neutral Tint…it easily makes most any color in a darker shade (4th Row). Sometimes, I’ll add a touch of purple like Rose of Ultramarine to add variety to my greens.

To explore further try mixing greens with some of your other blues and yellows (row 5), such as Cobalt Teal Blue or Cobalt Blue (Row 6).