Quick Sketch Watercolors, Quick Sketch Watercolors

Cindy Briggs



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Quick Sketch Watercolors, Quick Sketch Watercolors

Quick Sketch Watercolors with Cindy Briggs – Online Program now in Session. 

Let it flow:  Discover how you can easily draw with free flowing lines and confidently mix and mingle flowing translucent watercolors.  Build your portfolio of skills and subjects as you create numerous works of art.  Enjoy multiple demonstrations, step-by-step techniques instructions and inspirational input to help you get into the flow of creating with watercolors.

“Cindy Briggs’ Quick Sketch Watercolors has brought me back to painting after a 3 year break. Her modules provide a wide range of themes, her demo’s have numerous hints on techniques she uses to enhance her paintings, and the sharing that we do on the Facebook page (with comments from Cindy) helps to create a community of painters all providing support and positive feedback. This is far better than any one week workshop I have ever attended.” – Bill F. 

Quick Sketch Watercolors, Quick Sketch Watercolors

Start with the Best Supplies. Video, Supply List and why…My favorite suggestions for the best results.   (value $47)

Access to our Private Membership Page until December 31, 2020: Enjoy painting on your own time from your laptop, computer, Ipad, or phone.

Watercolor Basics:  Mixing Try it Squares – How to Mix it Techniques to help you paint more freely with confidence including: Watercolor Consistency Control, Wet in Wet and Wet in Dry Watercolors, Lifting Color, Brushwork and more…
(value $147)

“Wow! Cindy brings to life sketching as art form! She has a light touch with her sketching and painting, and with her instruction. The on-line Facebook closed group of others in the class really is motivating.  There is a sense of community; it is fun to share and see how others approach a particular subject. I’ve really enjoyed this class!” – Kathryn M. 

How to Set up Your Watercolor Palette

How to Draw with Flowing Lines.  Learn how to draw more organically, and see how connecting shapes makes all the difference.  (Value $97)

Top Ten plus Video Lessons from Start to Finish.  10+ subjects to choose from plus pdf reference photo printouts to paint from.  Subjects from Provence, Spain, California, Italy and Utah covering landscapes, florals, animals, buildings, canyons, roosters, people and more… (Value $697)

” I feel more free to be myself in this online class, where I don’t have to look anyone in the eye (I am pathetically self-critical) …. And I learn so much from other classmates’ comments and from others’ work, because I am relaxed. The material is fun and Cindy is inspiring. I haven’t painted this often, Ever !!” – Marie M. 

MORE Webinars:  I’m having so much fun with this that I’m adding more .  (Value $197)

Live Webinar with Q&A:  Group meeting where I demonstrate how to “Fine-tune, Finesse & Fix your Paintings then answer questions from the audience. ($97)

PRIVATE Facebook Group:  Join our interactive Private Facebook Group and share your paintings and progress: Quick Sketch Watercolors with Cindy Briggs I’ll be checking in and sharing tips and advice.  You’ll have painters of all levels celebrating your progress.    (Value $250)

“Cindy is a delightful guide to artists of all levels, and her videos are easy to follow. I’ve enjoyed the quick-draw projects and have applied many of her techniques to my other paintings.” –  Robin R.

“Loving this online course-no pressure, good , clear instruction and lots of positive, constructive feedback..it’s all good!” Marleen V. 

Group Newsletter Updates:  Be among the first to hear about my workshops online, en plein air art tours and in the studio.

Bonuses: (Value $665)
On location Plein Air demonstration Video
Masterclass Live Online Demonstration(s)
Calligraphy demonstration video
First 25 to sign up will qualify for a drawing for a Cindy Briggs Watercolor painting. 

(Total Value:  $2197)   Registration is currently closed. To receive notifications for the next class, please sign up for my newsletter here.

Quick Sketch Watercolors, Quick Sketch Watercolors

Quotes from Participants:
“She gives me courage.” – Patsy F.

“Cindy Briggs’ online Quick Sketch Watercolor class has been so inspiring! I’ve signed up for online art classes before and have never even finished the first lessons, but this was different. Cindy started with some easy instructions and simple subjects to get us warmed up, then branched out to include a variety of subjects and multiple levels of challenge. Her style really helped me loosen up and build the confidence I needed to branch out on my own too. The closed Facebook group gave us a safe place to post our work to receive comments and encouragement from our classmates and Cindy. Although I couldn’t attend all of the live lesson, I did make it for a few minutes. Cindy taped it so we could access it any time and that’s the great news because it was packed with useful tips! I’ve loved every minute of the class and expect to return to the lessons multiple times to sharpen my skills. This was just what I needed to help me move from rank beginner, self-taught, wanna be, to a budding watercolorist, excited to keep on learning and growing!”  Jane T.

“I love painting along while watching on my desktop, stopping when Cindy gets ahead of me, and then resuming when I’m ready. This has been so effective and a great way to learn!” – Carly C.

“Cindy’s Quick Sketch method gives the student (me) a very accessible way to be creative and productive early on. It feels to me, like a secret key to getting on with the business of experiencing sketching and painting, if for no other reason than the pure enjoyment of it. Other methods can get bogged down in focusing on rules and laborious lessons, which make learning so un-fun… I find Quick Sketch very satisfying and rewarding ?” Karen C. 


The Quick Sketch Watercolors Program is available online at my www.CindyBriggsWorkshops.com website.  You will get a password to access the site on April 8 after you sign up.

Note – it is essential to keep your system and browser updated for it to work on your ipad, computer or phone.  99% of my participants have been successful at easily connecting to the online program. Less than 1% have been unable to access the program due to old systems.