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Watercolors-by-the-Sea: Learn How to Paint Nature

Watercolors by the Sea Cindy

Watercolors-by-the-Sea: Learn How to Paint Nature

My Family and Inspiration for Watercolors-by-the-Sea

I’m always inspired by the beauty of the sea and everything associated with it. That’s why I keep on returning to Carmel-by-the-Sea to paint, and it has been a tradition for me for over 20 years now. Nearly every year, I paint with my Aunt Ellie Weakley at Carmel-by-the-Sea, along with being inspired by my cousin and creative coach, Carol Frazier.  Carmel-by-the-Sea is where I first started painting en plein air (outside) from life. Where I learned how to make it about the experience of truly being there while capturing my memory in full color.  So now, I’m taking you inside this part of my journey through my exclusive watercolor painting workshop called, “Watercolors-by-the-Sea.”

WATERCOLORS BY THE SEA Watercolors-by-the-Sea: Learn How to Paint Nature Cindy Briggs Art Watercolor Painting

Watercolors-by-the-Sea Painting Program

Watercolors-by-the-Sea is my new watercolor painting program that will be delivered entirely online. The program is going to be launched very soon, and I’m encouraging you to sign up for our watercolors workshop Priority List. If you do, you’ll be the first to know—plus  you’ll also get a extra bonus discount that no one else will receive after the launch. We have nearly 100 people on the Watercolors-by-the-Sea Priority List so far. Don’t miss out!


What You’ll Learn

During this Watercolors-by-the-Sea course, I’ll show you how to paint colorful subjects of the sea while taking you to different stunning locations in the southern coasts of Europe, the East and West Coasts of the US. I have more locations too, including the Caribbean, Portugal and Alaska. I love painting the ocean, as well as boats, seashells, palm trees, beach scenes, umbrellas, and seaside villages.

I’ll show you how to capture the waves as they incessantly kiss the beach, and sea breezes flowing through palm trees, in your paintings. The course is going to be a whole lot of fun as we get to paint under the vibrant sun. I’ll teach you special watercolor techniques that you can use when painting nature. Imagine how you could be right on your favorite beach during each session!


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