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A Cindy Briggs Online Watercolor Program

Palm Tree by the Sea

Let your colors flow!


“Life inspires art. And sometimes, art inspires life.” – Cindy Briggs

Imagine painting in translucent watercolors


Shells from the sea,
Waves from Carmel-by-the-Sea
Beach Scenes from Portugal, Santa Barbara, and Puerto Rico


Sparkling colors on Italian and French Fishing Boats


White sunlit buildings in a Spanish Village
Palm Trees blowing in the breeze
Lighthouses from the East Coast
Dreamy Sunsets and more


As you discover how to capture sparkling light and enhance your colors as you paint scenes from California to the coasts of Italy, I’ll help you free up your creativity and find new ways to paint your own journey.


This online program is open to everyone. From watercolor basics to more advanced projects so you can start from wherever you are.


Awaiting you is anytime access to easy-to-follow video lessons, bonus webinar recordings, our friendly Facebook group and tutorials on watercolor basics. We’ll also have new bonus paint-along webinars that you can attend or wait for the recording.

ZOOM Watercolors by the Sea
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Cindy shares her methods through step-by-step video lessons and colorful reference material downloads in this online video program. As soon as we get your access information to you you’ll have access to 20+ videos that you can watch and rewatch anytime on your own schedule.


You’ll learn techniques that you can apply towards other by-thesea subjects and paint from your own photographs too such as:


How to

  • Fill your journals with flowing lines and flowing colors.
  • Easily see and draw shapes
  • Make your colors glow
  • Capture sunlight with your paintbrush
  • Create with captivating color
  • Mingle colors for exciting color transitions
  • Mix colors more confidently
  • Loosen up your brushwork
  • Simplify complex scenes
  • Make values work for you
  • Infuse your paintings with
  • unexpected color


And more…

Cindy Sunset by the Sea

Paint By-The-Sea ALL YEAR LONG!

Cindy brings the sea to you in this online program with online access through June 2021.


You will build your portfolio of skills and confidence in approaching new subjects as you paint a wide range of scenes from the coasts of California to Maine and Portugal to Greece. You’ll discover how you can fill your travel journals with illuminating watercolors that share your own journey.

Bike Watercolors by the Sea

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watercolors by the sea, Watercolors-by-the-Sea

After purchase is processed you will receive your welcome email with your Watercolors-by-the-Sea online access information within 2 business days.

East Coast Watercolors by the Sea 1



Our live bonus paint-along webinar’s help us connect and share the experience. Cindy also hosts a private Watercolors-by-theSea Facebook group where artists share their paintings and get encouraging feedback from Cindy and the group.


“Wow! Cindy brings to life sketching as art form! She has a light touch with her sketching and painting, and with her instruction. The on-line Facebook closed group of others in the class really is motivating. There is a sense of community; it is fun to share and see how others approach a particular subject. I’ve really enjoyed this class!” ~ Kathryn M.


“I feel more free to be myself in this online class, where I don’t have to look anyone in the eye (I am pathetically self-critical) …. And I learn so much from other classmates’ comments and from others’ work, because I am relaxed. The material is fun and Cindy is inspiring. I haven’t painted this often, Ever !!” ~ Marie M.


More Quotes by her Watercolors-by-the-Sea Students:
– I love how Cindy’s lessons don’t just teach us to paint a specific scene but gives us the tools to apply what we’re learning to our own paintings. Cindy is always encouraging and positive no matter what level we are at. Her lessons are remarkably easy to follow and the skills I’ve learned in Cindy’s programs are far beyond what I have learned in other online programs.


– Cindy has inspired me to go for it. Doesn’t have to be perfect.


– I have never had a teacher, who was so generous and helpful.


– Loved them all but my favorite was Lighthouses!

Included in the Watercolors-by-the-Sea Package

Village by the Sea

✓ 12+ Video Watercolor Lessons from Start to Finish.


From simple lessons to how to simplify complex subjects you’ll enjoy a wide
range of painting experiences. It’s like going on my plein air art tours without the
travel expenses. You’ll paint:


  • Simple Seashells
  • Palm Tree
  • Santa Barbara Beach
  • Italian Row Boat
  • Maine Lighthouses
  • Under the Umbrella in Puerto Rico
  • French Fishing Boats
  • Spanish Village on the Mediterranean
  • Bicycle on the Beach
  • Plein Air Portugal
  • Flamingos
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea


✓ Bonus Webinar Recordings:


  • Easy Light House – how to paint shapes and values.
  • Stormy Sea – cool colors on the Italian Coast
  • Quick Sketch Sunset in Camogli, Italy
  • California Watercolor Waves
  • More Bonus Paint-Along Webinars to come.


✓ Select Watercolor Supplies Make A Difference


  • My favorite supplies for the best results and why.
  • Video and supply list.


✓ Plus 12 Watercolor Basics Videos


Let’s get you started right. Cindy gives you the tools to make painting
watercolors easier. Subjects include:


  • How to set up your palette
  • How to mix the consistency you want.
  • How to mix, mingle and glaze colors
  • How to Fix it.
  • How to create a color wheel
  • Special colors that expand your color palette.
  • Brushwork and more…


✓ Build Your Composition and Drawing Skills.


Discover how to compose your painting, draw more organically and the importance of shape and value relationships.


✓ Group Newsletter Updates.


As a V.I.P Program participant, you will be among the first to hear about my workshops online, en plein air art tours and in the studio.

Cindy Conca dei Marini

✓ Private Facebook Group:


Join our interactive Private Facebook Group and share your paintings and progress. On Watercolors-by-the-Sea with Cindy Briggs, I’ll be checking in and sharing tips, news and advice. You’ll have painters of all levels celebrating your progress. This is optional.


“Cindy is a delightful guide to artists of all levels, and her videos are easy to follow. I’ve enjoyed the quick-draw projects and have applied many of her techniques to my other paintings.” ~ Robin R.


“Loving this online course-no pressure, good , clear instruction and lots of positive, constructive’s all good!” ~ Marleen V.

Cindy Watercolors by the sea
Cindy Watercolors by the sea

JULY 2020 Special Offer Bonus

✓ 3 Live Demonstration Paint-Along Webinars.

We’ll start with a meet and greet then follow up with a fun paint-along and have live Q&A. Recordings will be added to the site for you to watch at your convenience. You also have access to 4 Webinar Videos from last year.

✓ 2 NEW Plein Air Bonus Videos plus .pdf printouts

✓ Watercolor Demonstrations from my travels.

✓ Bonus Reference Images for you to paint from.

✓ Prize Drawing Event for the 1st 50 to sign up.

Prizes include:

8 Fine Art Giclee Prints of Cindy’s Watercolor “Conca Dei Marini” approx.
11 x 14 Value $50 each

1 Private Lesson Value $250

Total Value $2197

Beach Bike Watercolors by the Sea

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Only $297

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watercolors by the sea, Watercolors-by-the-Sea

After purchase is processed you will receive your welcome email with your Watercolors-by-the-Sea online access information within 2 business days.

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