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Cindy’s Online Programs

Cindy’s ONLINE programs make it easy for you to paint from home on your own schedule. Each program offers it’s own theme and is focused on developing your own style and building confidence as you develop a deeper understanding of design and watercolor techniques. She creates an enriching and positive atmosphere for all levels of artists and celebrates your work on her private Facebook Group Page for each program. Discover her process from start to finish to create paintings with dramatic light, jazzed up harmonious colors, and captivating compositions. Click here for her online, studio and plein air workshops with other organizations such as Smithsonian Studio Arts, University of Utah, French Escapade, Kimball Art Center and more…

Portraits Square

Program includes 5 portrait lessons from start to finish. Let’s paint your own self portrait!

Imagine having the process simplified for you so you can confidently work through a portrait. The shapes, the colors, the values. The eyes, the nose, the mouth, even teeth. Cindy breaks it down into doable steps, revealing her methods, so that you can paint portraits with flowing colors. Cindy shares what makes a good portrait reference photo.
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Main Image How to Mix Watercolors

Mixing Watercolors All Year Long ONLINE– with One Lesson Video, One Bonus Video, and Private Facebook Group Access.

In this lesson, Cindy is sharing her recommended supplies and some of her most useful basic techniques to get you on the right track. Great for beginners and those who want to paint Lavender in Provence!

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Watercolors by the Sea

Watercolors-by-the-Sea All Year Long ONLINE– with 19 Video Lessons, Live Paint-Along Webinars, Private Facebook Group Access, and more.

Cindy shares her methods through step-by-step video lessons and colorful reference material downloads in this online video program. As soon as we get your access information to you you’ll have access to 20+ videos that you can watch and rewatch anytime on your own schedule.

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Quick Sketch Program Watercolor Online Workshops

Quick Sketch Watercolors All Year Long ONLINE– with 12 Lesson Videos, Live Webinars, Private Facebook Group Access, and more.

Quick Sketch Watercolors program isn’t simply a paint-by-the-numbers online workshop. Cindy will teach you how to think through a painting, how to see like an artist—and simplify the process. Sure, She’ll be sharing tips and techniques with you, but most of all, her lessons will enable you to create watercolor sketches in your own unique style. And, her positive, uplifting approach will help you from start to finish.

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Watercolor Tuscany

Paint Tuscany All Year Long ONLINE– with 10+ Lesson Videos, Live Webinars, Private Facebook Group Access, and more.

Cindy welcomes artists from all over the world with all levels of experience. Join her watercolor painting class in Tuscany. This includes a package of “Watercolor Basics Lessons” to help you become familiar with her approach to painting with captivating colors.

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