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A Beginners Guide to Impressionist Watercolor Style

A Beginners Guide to Impressionist Watercolor Style

A Beginners Guide to Impressionist Watercolor Style

If you want to paint like a master, study their work. Monet had an exquisite way of capturing the light. He did this by often setting up different easels and painting the subject on different canvases depending on the time of day. He truly studied the subject.

He was not emulating someone else’s style, he was discovering his own. As he painted each series he could explore his chosen subject further. Working with light, shape and brushwork he created his own signature style as he created each series of work.

Since my first visit to the Dorsey Museum in Paris and Giverny the home of Monet’s Garden, I have been fascinated by Monet. I refer to his artwork over and over as I strive to simplify, capture the light, simplify my shapes, and use brushwork.

One way to paint like Monet is to paint his subjects. The area around Giverny with its’ charming village, gardens, and especially the pond, bridge and water lillies that Monet painted again and again. Just by painting this subject you are inspired by Monet’s sense of design and color.

Here is a FREE recording on Youtube of a simplified Monet’s Garden lesson I taught in Watercolors.


A Beginners Guide to Impressionist Watercolor Style

In October, I’ll be teaching a two day watercolor workshop with on painting in Giverny.

One painting is about color, light and shapes.

The second painting is about using dappled brushwork as we paint an art studio that many Impressionists used during their visits to Monet.

Impressionists Art Studio CBriggs

So you you want to start painting like Monet – take a look at his work and then paint some of the subjects he painted. Even though he painted in Oils, you can emulate his style in Watercolors and put your own signature style to it.

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