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My Favorite Watercolor Brush

My Favorite Watercolor Paintbrush

My Favorite Watercolor Brush

What’s your favorite watercolor brush? As an artist, I have spent so much money on select watercolor brushes over the years – brushes would usually cost $15 to $150 each.  I have tried everything from Kolinsky Sable to recommended brushes from all my favorite instructors and art stores. Any watercolor artist knows that a really good brush will make a huge difference in helping you control the consistency and coverage of your watercolor paint!

Today, I am sharing with you the one brush that has been working for me for over 10 years. It holds the paint for a variety of strokes and washes, which is very important. I primarily use this one brush for 95% of my watercolor paintings; I use the fine point for details and calligraphy. The great news is that it costs less than $15!  The downside is that it is not always easy to find.

So what is it?  It’s the Dynasty Black Gold Quill Brush size 4. You most likely won’t find it at your local art store–but it is worth looking out for.  I often bring a few extra brushes to my classes so people can give it a test drive and get a sense of what I mean.  After all, it’s infinitely better to have quality materials than cut corners on what will help make you a better painter.

Dynasty’s Black Gold brushes are premium quality artist brushes designed to satisfy increased consumer demand for a higher level of performance.  They are as distinctive looking as they are unique in their performance characteristics.  They can be immediately identified by their regal black ferrules and two-toned varnished handles.  The multi-diameter synthetic fibers are specially blended for great control and responsiveness.  They offer impressive load capacity and point beautifully.” – The Brush Guys

Favorite Watercolor Brush Cindy Briggs

Favorite Watercolor Brush Cindy Briggs

You can see them in action in my watercolor videos–please head to my YouTube Channel. Interested in getting one? Get these amazing brushes here.

Cindy’s Watercolor Brush Tips:

  • Paint!
  • Rinse thoroughly after each use, squeeze out water and bring tip back to a point.
  • Lay flat to dry and store flat – it will last longer.
  • Do not leave tip down in the water, the brush (ferrule) will become loose and and make the brush unusable, the tip will become bent.
  • To paint a larger area, use the side of your brush, avoid just using the tip for everything or it becomes labored.
  • Order two so you have a spare.
  • If your tip looses it shape, dip in extra hot water then reshape.  Let dry.  (This works better on the synthetic fiber brushes like the Dynasty Black Gold Quill)
  • Paint more!

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