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5 Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

5 Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

5 Creative Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

Watercolor painting is a great way to explore your creative side and have fun with art. If you’re a beginner looking for some inspiration, there are many watercolor painting ideas you can try. In this article, we’ll share 5 creative watercolor painting ideas that are easy for beginners to follow and perfect for this weekend.

Think of each project as a “study” so you don’t feel pressured to create a masterpiece. Enjoy the process and learn something new each time you paint.

What is the easiest thing to paint in watercolor?

1. Paint a simple Fruit or Vegetable.

One of the easiest things to paint in watercolor is a familiar piece of fruit or a vegetable.

You usually have something around the house, you can pick up something at the store or take a photo of your subject on the vine. I like lemons, pears, apples, radishes, even carrots or bananas.

  • Set up your subject with some light and shadow on it and then simply draw the outside edge in pencil on watercolor paper.
  • Then try painting inside your shape mixing the colors that you see and pay attention to light and shadow.

This is an easy opportunity to build your skills in rendering different textures and forms and is a great watercolor painting idea for beginners.


How do you come up with watercolor painting ideas for beginners?

There are many ways to get watercolor painting ideas. You can look for inspiration in the world around you, visit an art museum, or browse online for watercolor paintings. You can also use photographs, sketches, or other artworks as inspiration for your own watercolor paintings. It’s always best to use your own photographs or paint from life.

What should I watercolor today?

2. Experiment with Negative Space

Experimenting with negative space is another great watercolor painting idea for beginners.

Negative space is the area around and between the subjects of a painting.

  • Try painting a subject using only the negative space around it, or incorporating negative space into your compositions in creative ways.
  • On the lemon painting above, the negative space is the blue sky.

3. Get used to the medium.

Depending on how much paint and how much water you use you can create a range of values. By just using one color try creating a milky consistency – this is your medium value.

  • For a light value add more water, I call this a coffee consistency.
  • For an extra light consistency, I call this herbal tea.
  • For a dark mix, barely use any water. If you can control your value mixes you can paint most anything.

See the leaves in the lemon painting with a range of values.

4. Paint with just one color.

Finally, painting with just one colour, Burnt Sienna or Permanent Brown, helps you focus on values and shapes.

  • By using just one colour you don’t have to worry about what colour to mix.
  • For beginners or even experienced painters, I always suggest this way to start painting landscape studies.

With one color you can capture the subtle nuances of a scene and decide which shapes are and values will share your vision.

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5. Paint a doorway before you paint the town.

Watercolor painting is also a great medium for painting doorways and windows. I recommend you try something more intimate than painting the entire city.

You can paint a scene from a photograph, on location or use your imagination to create a unique painting. The mingling effects of watercolor are fun for capturing a welcoming view of a doorway. This watercolor painting idea for beginners is a great way to get started with watercolor painting, especially if you are travelling and want to try something simple.


In conclusion, these five creative watercolor painting ideas for beginners are easy to follow and fun to explore. Whether you’re looking to improve your painting skills or just looking for new ideas, these tips and techniques can help you get started with watercolor painting and unleash your creative side. Experiment and have fun with watercolor painting!


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