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How to Set up Your Watercolor Palette from Cindy Briggs Art on Vimeo. Cindy shares how to set up an 18-well watercolor palette with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. This is her standard workshop palette. Watch the video below.

How to Control Water in Your Brush One of the biggest challenges in watercolor painting is controlling the amount of water in your brush. People often ask me how I do it. Washing and Rinsing your brush is a crucial step

When it comes to watercolor painting, sometimes your blank paper can be intimidating. So just think of your painting as a study and you can more easily relax into the process. The drawing is often the foundation of a watercolor painting.

I'm inviting you to visit the Daniel Smith Website to see this post on Painting with Daniel Smith Watercolors.  I share step by step process with images and videos  and talk about my favorite colors including Lavender.  Here is the